Revealed: 5 Best Shopify Jewelry Website Templates

Selling jewelry online is becoming a competitive business. Each day, new entrepreneurs are starting this business. Hence, as a new retailer, you need to present your jewelry uniquely. Creating a professional website can be one way to stand out from the competitors. Some jewelry website templates can help you to achieve this. They have are ready-made with a drag and drop editor to enable you to perform the site creation quickly. However, not all will help you sell worldwide. Shopify is a hosted platform that cares for its customers’ needs. It comes with fancy templates that will attract more customers to your site. Here are 5 best Shopify jewelry website templates:



This jewelry website template could be the best for you if you are selling bungles, earrings, and necklaces. It has a clean and modern design to help you create an up-to-date site. The good thing about Dorothy is the section for testimonials. With this, you will have a clear view of how other customers feel about the template. You can know all its pros and cons. Also, this template has a social media icon. It will enable you to share ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Dorothy comes with a variety of colors and fonts for you to choose. With this, you will create an outstanding website.
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Atlantic chic Shopify theme

Are you looking for a jewelry template that will allow you to create a responsive website? If yes, you need to give Atlantic chic a priority. It comes with a responsive layout. With this, those customers using the mobile device will browse your website easily. Atlantic chic has the customization feature to allow you to tweak the template in the way of your choice. You can quickly change the check-out process to short and precise. Also, this template has integrated payment gateways. With this, customers can use one of their choices during the check-out process.


Mirora is a leading Shopify jewelry template theme with great marketing tools. It comes with the SEO feature to enable you to target the Google and Yahoo users. With this, you can sell the jewelry quickly. Also, it comes with the social media icon to allow you to sell easily on Facebook and Twitter. The good thing about Mirora is the Google fonts it contains. With this, your website will load at high speed. A speedy site can positively affect your business. A massive number of customers will view your site which will lead to an increase in sales. Also, it can improve ranking on search engines.

Epro Shopify theme

Another responsive jewelry website template is the Epro. It will make you create a professional site that can appear at the top of search engines. Google and Yahoo view a responsive site as professional. Thus, a massive number of customers can browse your site. Also, Epro has a variety of colors. With this, you can choose one of your choices and create a unique site. The good thing about Epro template is Google fonts and icons. They will allow your site to load at high speed.






Linda is a fully responsive jewelry template. It has Bootstrap Framework which has powerful customization options. Also, it comes with elegant designs which can easily convince customers that your jewelry is of high quality. What makes Linda stand out from other templates is the customer support. It has a 24/7 support system that will attend to your issues anytime you contact them. Also, this template has the SEO feature. With this, you will get an opportunity to market your jewelry and reach the search engine users. The customers’ review will allow you to know the strength and weaknesses of this template. With this, you will know whether it will work well for your business. To see more templates and functions that Shopify can offer you to successfully sell your products, go to Shopify.com/sell/jewelry